In which Pittsburgh neighborhoods do you provide services?
How do I pay for my walks?
How long have you been walking dogs?
Are you insured?
Will you still come walk my dog if the weather is bad?
Sometimes I get stuck at work and need someone to feed and walk my dog in the evening. Can you help?
My dog needs medication. Can you give him his pill or shot?
My dog is training for his Canine Good Citizen test. Will you use the same commands I've been using?
How do I know if my dog was walked?
I'd like to hire you! What's my first step?
New Customer Consultation
Key Policy
Adventure Requirements
Late Payment Fee
Canceling Services
Overnight Services Payment
Walker Arrival Time
Sick Days and Vacation Days for Walkers and Sitters
In-Home Overnights
Vaccinations & Year-Round Treatment Solutions
In Case of Emergency
Pet Behavior
Services on Holidays
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