Meet The Crate Escape
The Crate Escape Pgh (TCE) is based in the East End of Pittsburgh. TCE is made up of dog walker/sitter and owner Meghan Sullivan, five dedicated dog walkers, and two overnight sitters.

We offer professional and fun dog walking and overnight services. TCE believes in the benefits of daily exercise for dogs – your dog was never meant to be cooped up in an apartment all day.

We are dedicated to your pup’s health and happiness. To say that pet care is our passion would be an understatement. We love being around and caring for animals.

And, safety is always our first priority. We believe in the importance of peace of mind – so you can relax knowing that we are there to care for your beloved pets when you’re not able to.


Meghan has loved animals from the beginning. While growing up in Pittsburgh, her family surrounded themselves with pets.

Now, she’s the proud owner of two Bernese Mountain dogs named Kodiak and Panda. Three years ago, Meghan found this brother-sister duo from a breeder in Montana. These two were the inspiration for a career in dog walking.

Meghan always wanted to find a way to give back to the world, too. The Crate Escape Pgh provided an opportunity to do just that. She has always been impressed with a dog’s ability to love unconditionally and to bond with humans. Now, she’s able to bond with amazing animals who do nothing, but give love. Through Crate Escape Pgh, she helps create a better life for each and every dog she encounters.

Meghan takes care of dogs because she feels that it’s important work and it’s rewarding. She thought other people should be able to enjoy and feel the amazing things that dogs can bring to our lives, so she decided to take Kodiak through training sessions to become a therapy dog. Now, Kodiak is a part of that special group of dogs who make lives so much better.

Growing up in a home where her parents owned their business, Meghan was inspired to do just the same. Before TCE, Meghan spent five years working in a cubicle, wishing she were at the park with her dogs. While her office job allowed her to develop the communication and people skills needed to run her own business, not being able to give Kodiak and Panda the attention and exercise they needed broke her heart. Now, she has the chance to give them and lots of other dogs the love and attention they deserve.

Meghan has three years of professional pet care experience. She’s bonded, insured, and certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. Meghan is also a member of the world’s leading educational organization for professional pet sitters, Pet Sitters International.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and multimedia arts and a minor in music technology from Duquesne University. Meghan uses those journalism and multimedia arts skills to document your dog’s day throughout Pittsburgh.

Overnight Pet Sitter

When she’s not working as a legislative assistant for City Councilman Dan Gilman by day, she’s watching pups of all kinds overnight. Her apartment unfortunately isn’t dog friendly, so The Crate Escape Pgh gives her an outlet for her passion: spending time with dogs.

As the legislative assistant for a Councilman who serves the East End and a dog sitter for the same area – next to dogs, she loves her City A LOT. When she’s not working, Alicia keeps Pittsburgh beautiful by volunteering with Allegheny CleanWays and organizing neighborhood cleanups with the Clean Pittsburgh Commission. You can also find her reading at the Carnegie Libraries, going on adventures with friends, and scouring thrift stores for treasures.

Dog Walker and Sitter

For so many people, the best part of their day is coming home and being greeted by their pup. Cea loves that she gets to experience this moment every day. Since 2009, Cea has been walking and caring for dogs. She doesn’t have one of her own just yet, but she’s looking to adopt one very soon. When she’s not working for The Crate Escape Pgh, Cea cares for her housemate’s cats named Jupiter and Zoey.

The recent Pittsburgh transplant is also the lead singer in a local band, restores vintage guitars, loves seeing movies, thrift shopping, and trying new food.

Dog Walker and Sitter

Alaina’s family adopted Hercules, a sweet, old boxer mix, when she was just ten-years-old. She practically grew up with him. Now, that she doesn’t live with her rents, Alaina really misses Hercules.

The Crate Escape helps fill the void left by Hercules as she can now provide tender love and care to many dogs as an overnight sitter. Alaina loves that she has the opportunity to spend time with so many different types of dogs, ranging from pit bulls to dachshunds, and gets to learn about their personalities firsthand. Alaina genuinely loves the heartwarming feeling she gets when she hangs out with dogs and we know they love hanging out with her too because they are just so happy to see her!

Alaina is a student at the University of Pittsburgh studying Information Science and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. Her favorite hobbies include knitting, cooking, and exploring the Pittsburgh restaurant scene.

Dog Walker and Sitter
Cassidy has been a full-time dog walker and pet-sitter for the last two and a half years, and has worked for The Crate Escape Pgh since the Spring of 2015. She loves every part of the job, from hiking through the deep woods of Frick Park to strolling around the neighborhood with a well-heeled dog at her side. But, her favorite thing is helping rough-around-the-edges dogs turn into the superstar pets they were always meant to be.
When she’s not working, Cassidy loves to travel and write, and spends a lot of time in the local music and arts scene. Don’t be surprised if your dog comes home knowing more about that new cool band than you do! And, naturally, Cassidy’s favorite breed of dog is a happy one.


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